Save Big With a Group Purchase!

We invite you to join in a new Bay Area group purchase campaign to make it more affordable and easier to purchase or lease an electric vehicle. We are bringing together Bay Area residents and employees to pool their buying power to buy or lease an electric vehicle at a discount. Similar group purchases of EVs have saved consumers thousands of dollars. Discount rates are being negotiated based on volume--the more people who buy/lease, the deeper the discount. Tell a friend (or two)!

It’s easy to sign up and requires no obligation whatsoever.

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How Does the Group Purchase Work?

Save Money on Select Vehicles 

We are partnering with the Cartelligent, a highly-regarded concierge auto broker who is negotiating with car dealers and manufacturers.  Once the deals are fully negotiated, we will share details with all on our email list. Here are important details:

  • Vehicles will be available in a variety of trims

  • There’s no obligation whatsoever

  • Drivers will still enjoy all applicable federal, state, utility and HOV incentives — see savings

  • The only “commission” any collaborators receive is reducing carbon emissions. 

More Participants Means Deeper Discounts

The discount program is structured in a way that the more participants, the deeper the discounts. Everyone benefits when more people sign up, so please share the offer widely. Of course, more EVs on the road means we are on our way to a climate-friendly lifestyle.

Limited Time

Time is limited. When you sign up, you will be placed on our mailing list and we will send you updates. Other group purchase opportunities have provided discounts of $500 - $5,000+. Sign up now to ensure you’ll be on the list!

Government Incentives Still Apply

You will still enjoy the applicable government and utility incentives such as the federal tax credit, CA state rebates, and utility rebate and/or HOV access.

Trusted Partner

With Cartelligent as a partner, we’re able to offer a group purchase discount and convenience. You won't have to negotiate with the dealership. And, you’ll never have to visit a showroom because, you’ll simply pick up the vehicle from one of their locations in Sausalito, Menlo Park or Walnut Creek. Our goal is to make it easy and affordable to drive clean!

Who is Drive Clean?

With about 40% of all carbon emissions generated by passenger vehicles, nonprofits, agencies and utilities joined together to create the Drive Clean campaign with a focus on educating and motivating drivers to make their next car electric. Funding is provided by:

  • Bay Area Air Quality Management District

  • MCE (clean energy provider)

  • Transportation Authority of Marin

  • Cool the Earth (a 501c3 nonprofit)

A Community Collaboration

Drive Clean collaborates with schools, businesses, nonprofits and community groups to educate about the value of driving electric. We form partnerships with EV businesses to provide a hassle-free experience at the best price.