Charging Guides

Road Charging Guide

Use this guide to help you learn how and when you might want to charge your EV on the road.  We recommend taking a few practice runs with using public charging stations so you are ready to go when your EV is low! Once you know how to charge, you’ll feel any range anxiety slip away.  Try it--the charging stations are ready and waiting.

How Far Can I Go?

The answer to “how far I can go” depends on the range of your car, and is probably much further than you think.  On average, Marinites drive 27 miles per day.  Breakthroughs in battery costs mean that most new EVs come with 100, 200 or 300 mile range.  If you take a lot of road trips, go for the highest range 100% battery vehicle you can or consider a high range plugin electric vehicle.  Once you’re on the road, the information below will help you learn how and where to charge.  Today’s EVs move from range anxiety to range envy.  

How Fast will the car charge?

How many miles your car accumulates in a given time depends upon both the car and the charging station.  There are two charging options:

  • Level Two: Easy and standardized for all vehicles.  Provides about 25 miles of range per hour.  All cars can accept Level Two.  
  • Level Three: Charging at Level Three requires a bit more knowledge as there are three standards: One for Tesla, one for European and American cars (non-Tesla) and one for most cars from Asian manufacturers.  Level Three provides about 75-90 miles in 30 minutes.  Tesla gets about 100 miles in 20 minutes.  

Let Apps Help.

A must have for all EV drivers is the PlugShare App, free in the App Store.  The app shows you all the charging stations in your area as well as across the U.S. You’ll find the location of Level Two and Level Three stations as well as whether the station is in use. The app tells which Level three station works for your car.  It’s simple to use and will be an indispensable part of driving electric.

Vendor Cards

There are many companies that provide charging stations and some don’t yet take credit cards.  We recommend ordering the following, just to be sure.